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Hyderabad Diaries – The Flower Market of The City of Pearls

July 8, 2024

Flashback to those good old days where we used to see your mother and grandmother dress up with jasmine gajra or mogra before showing up at a social event? We remember these women getting ready to go out by adding a rose to their hair tied in a bun, but sadly, that doesn’t happen much these days. But we remember this so clearly because nostalgia exists. It’s lost among the hustle and bustle of Hyderabad. On the bright side, floral jewellery has eclipsed the place left behind by those traditions. These floral pieces of jewelry have been worn by pretty brides and their bridesmaids on the day of the weddings. Previously, the flowers would only grace the wedding halls, make them look pretty, and add a fragrance to the hall. Floral jewellery is making a climb to popularity because of the generally pretty vibes that it exudes on a happy day or at other related festivities such as the Haldi or Mehendi.


These Indian weddings are full of excitement, glamour and positive vibes. These weddings usually require lots of pretty florals to mark this special event. The flower market has a lot of variety that would suit different events. Due to the modernity of our lives, there is also the option of a flower delivery service via their website. Let’s now go into depth about the huge flower market in Hyderabad. Any floral market has a pleasant fragrance.

Gudimalkapur Market

While touristing across Hyderabad, you will stumble on the hidden gem of the Gudimalkapur flower market. This market is the only stop you’ll need to make for all your floral essentials, including accessories in the form of florals, greens, and a wide variety of florals for your needs. All these florals are priced at a wholesale price, which is very reasonable for those looking to buy florals in bulk or in single pieces.

The Best Part of the Day to Visit the Gudimalkapur Market: Ideally between 5 to 10 a.m.

These florals are sourced by Gudimalkapur Market from different places across India, such as Chennai, Bangalore, Cochin, Maharashtra, and Kolkata.

Transport to the Market: You can hail a cab or get on a bus to get you to the market.

There is the option of purchasing flowers online on a website that will deliver your choice of florals straight to your house, and this is easier than going to the market and wasting your time and effort, plus it’s easier to sit at home and peruse the website. On the other hand, making the trip to the floral market and purchasing flowers can be a fun experience.

Going to these can be a great experience, however, at times it can be full of hassles. You can directly shop for all your flower needs from Gulmahal in Hyderabad.

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