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From the Garden to Gram: Tips for Stunning Flower Pictures

July 1, 2024
Find Good Lighting:

Gaining traction on any social media platforms requires you to take and post visually appealing pictures. Photos taken with macro lens and a regular lens can look good but to make them look stunning, you need to have perfect lighting.

You need to have natural lighting for good photos. The ideal lighting would be during the golden hour in the morning and late in the afternoon. So avoid the mid-day light that might not look good for a professional type of floral photography.

If Its a Cloudy Day Take Advantage of It:

Cloudy days are one of the best days to take pictures of florals. The overcast sky helps to enhance the rich natural colors of the florals. At the same time if it gets too cloudy and dark you can use something called white reflectors to help get colorful and pictures that have a perfect contrast element for the socials.

Use the sun for your clicks if its a sunny day:

Using natural lighting for your pictures is a good way to post these pictures on your respective socials. Backlit sunlight will give your flowers an aesthetic look during the golden hour and as such as creates a dreamy picture for the florals. There is also something called a rim light that helps highlight the details of the flowers.

Use something called Macro Lenses for the Pictures:

A piece of equipment called macro lenses will be able to capture the most minute and intricate details of the florals. Taking pictures with the macro lens will add a soft blur in the background of the pictures, making the flowers pop or stand out.

The Depth of Field should be adjusted for the pictures:

You can add depth to your pictures if you want the textures on your photo to be enhanced.

You can also mess around with settings of the depth to see which looks best for you.

This effect will result in your photo being sharp in quality in the areas of focus and the rest of your photo like the background will get blurred. There is something called the aperture that you adjust to be wide in order to better enhance your photos and result in better texture for your picture.

Keep your background minimal:

Ever heard of less is more? That concept applies here as well in photography. If you’re doing close up shots of your flowers, the texture, shape and shade of the flower whose picture you’re clicking needs to be in focus and enhanced. A less cluttered background is ideal for these pictures, as it doesn’t draw away from the flowers. You need to highlight the beauty of the flowers for your shot, and to do so you can choose a simple background like a plain wall that won’t take away the focus from the flowers in your picture.

Keep an Eye Out for the Wind:

When taking pictures of the florals, the wind might be strong and will blow the petals off your flower, resulting in the picture being blurred. To prevent this from happening you can tale your pictures in the early hours of the day because the weather will still be calm at that time. If this problem persists, keep a piece of cardboard next to your flower to block the wind.

Spray the flowers with water to create interesting pictures:

If you want to have some nice, and different flower photos to upload to your Instagram you can try this method. Spray some water on the flower using a spray bottle or whatever other alternatives you have before clicking the picture. As well giving the florals a rain kissed look, this mist on the flower will improve your photography skills.

Always Take the Pictures from Different Angles for Variety:

Shoot pictures of the florals from different angles. Like for instance if it’s one flower, try taking pictures from underneath the flower or above while angling your camera straight down. If it’s an arrangement of flowers then you can lie on the ground and angle your camera upwards or tilt the camera sideways. Always make sure to experiment with various techniques and angles to ensure that your pictures look different each time.

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