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The flowers of June are roses and honeysuckle flowers

June 21, 2024

Flowers of the month and their history, care tips, different arrangement ideas, and symbolism: roses and honeysuckles.

The flowers of June are roses and honeysuckle flowers.

History of the rose as June’s flower of the month

June is also known as National Rose Month, and this tradition of celebrating National Rose Month started in 1959. During this period, efforts were made to recognise the national flower of the United States, which is the rose.

This series of movements became successful in 1986, when Ronald Reagan, the United States president, declared the national floral emblem the rose.

Symbolism of Roses.

Different colours of the flower express a variety of emotions, like friendship, gratitude, and a well-known expression of the flower – love. As such, roses are a good choice in terms of versatility for a variety of occasions.

The yellow flowers express friendship and the emotion of joy; the orange roses represent desire and the feeling of excitement; and last but not least, the red roses express long-lasting love of the romantic type.

This celebration of National Rose Month also highlights the beauty of the flower as well as its numerous uses, including the aesthetic look it brings, the usage of roses in perfumes, and its involvement in medicine.

The Romans saw roses as a representative of the concepts of death and rebirth and planted them on the burial sites of their loved ones.

Care Tips for Roses

Roses at the very least need 6 hours of sun per day, a soil that is rich in soil, is well drained, and needs to be watered with a reasonable amount of water. The roses should be watered at the roots and not at the leaves. The adequate amount of sunlight and water that is applied to the roots helps in decreasing the appearance and spreading of fungal diseases in nature. If you have planned to grow multiple roses, then make sure to leave adequate space between the roses to allow for air circulation and prevent the presence of fungal diseases. Roses prefer loose, loamy soil. To grow roses, you need to have soil that is slightly acidic with a pH of 5.5 to 7.0. A pH of 6.5 is good for home gardens.

Arrangement Idea for Roses

The first and foremost arrangement is the classic arrangement with pink flowers. Start by putting the red roses in a vase of a contrasting colour, like green or blue, and then add in the pink flowers, specifically the coral, pale, and bright pink roses of the antique type.

History of Honeysuckles

Honeysuckles are a varied plant group that belongs to the genus Lonicera. This includes 180 species that are native to the sub-tropical and temperate species of the Northern Hemisphere, belonging to the family Caprifoliaceae. They are also found in the Southern Hemisphere, and they also grow in the Himalayas, North Africa, and South Asia. The majority of these honeysuckles are, however, found in China.

In Greek mythology, the honeysuckle is said to be mentioned in the story of two lovers. Chloe and Daphnis were allowed to meet only when the flower was in its blooming stage, so Daphnis requested that Aphrodite extend the blooming stage, and Aphrodite granted this request, which is the reason behind the flowers existing for a longer time when the weather is warm.

Symbolism of Honeysuckles

Honeysuckles are representatives of true happiness, sweetness to other people, good fortune, and love of the romantic type.

They are also symbolic of first loves, old flames, and the concept of nostalgia, or they can also be a gift to a person to reminisce about the good old days.

In the Victorian period, these flowers were also gifted for their fragrance.

Care tips for Honeysuckles

For climbing honeysuckles, it’s suggested that they be grown in free-draining but moist soil that is partially shaded. These flowers should be grown ideally in a situation where the roots are in a shady area, but the stems should be out in the sun. There also needs to be a sturdy and strong frame for the flowers to go around, such as a wire frame or a trellis.

Water these flower plants that are undergoing a dry spell and use a fertilizer, specifically a general-purpose fertilizer, in the spring season. Grow honeysuckles of the shrubby type in free-draining, moist soil in the sun or areas of partial shade.

Arrangement Idea for Honeysuckles

The honeysuckle’s sweet fragrance is a quality that makes the flower a perfect addition to any bouquet. Honeysuckles go along well with flowers such as daisies, peonies, and roses.

When attempting to create a floral bouquet with the flower honeysuckle, it is ideal to use it along with a complementary flower. Use it sparingly so that it doesn’t overpower other flowers. You can use white or pink roses along with honeysuckles or just some greenery.


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