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Petal Power: The Surprising Health Benefits of Fresh Blooms

June 28, 2024

There is research that indicates that being around flowers has significant health benefits for people. Some of these benefits are the reduction of stress, the sped-up process in terms of healing, and the improvement in concentration and mood of people.

Christine Capra, who works as a program manager in Denver for the Horticultural Therapy Institute, has said, “Flowers lower stress levels and anxiety in people.” She said that having flowers helps even if they are in your outdoor garden, whether you go to a botanical garden for them or if you have flowers indoors in your home.

In a 2005 study that was conducted by professors from the universities of Le Salle and Rutgers, it was found that flowers have instant and long-term effects on the mood, emotional reactions, social behaviours of people, and even the memory power of both men and women. There was another study that stated that it was found that people who were recovering from surgery had flowers and plants in their rooms in the hospital and were getting better health-wise. They have also had reports that have stated reduced feelings of anxiety, fatigue, and pain.

There is a Japanese tradition called forest bathing with the aim of observing nature and practicing deep breathing exercises in order to reduce the stress hormones, blood pressure, and heart rate of individuals.

Being out in nature can be healing for people, or you don’t have to step out to gardens or make a trip in general to get the benefits of being around flowers. You can, as a substitute, bring a bouquet into your house or the place of your work, or even looking at pictures of flowers online can help reduce the stress of individuals.

According to Christine Capra, planting and looking after flowers in your home or a community garden, for example, can help those people get benefits from flowers. This forms the basis for the concept of horticultural therapy, which is the process of using the growing of plants and gardening to help improve the mental and physical health of people. There are plenty of ways to make use of horticultural therapy, but it is also important to acknowledge that it involves the actual planting and gardening of something. It’s not a passive act but rather actually getting your hands dirty and growing your plants or flowers.


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