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Flower Arrangement Designs for Holidays

July 3, 2024

These flower arrangements are designed to be easy to recreate with the use of commonly available flowers and wild foliage.

Whether you’re doing this for the purpose of holiday decor or as a fun DIY project for the whole family, you’re sure to see a plentiful amount of individual creativity and style that shines through each of the completed floral masterpieces.

1. Pine and white roses:

This arrangement of pine and white roses combines tasteful, snowy white roses with rustic-colored pine along with evergreen branches.

To be able to create this floral arrangement at home, start by putting pine branches in a clear vase to create the structure of the arrangement. Also, make sure to remove any needles or foliage that may end up below the line of water. Then add the roses throughout the vase. You can also add holy or pine cones to act as an accent for that extra pop of texture and color.

2. Make a wreath for the center of a table:

You can start by weaving various evergreen foliage together to form the shape of a circle wreath base. Weave in or glue together pine cones, berries, holly, baubles or seed pods. You can also purchase a pre-made wreath from a store and add cones, small ornaments, and holiday greens, for example.

Once you’re happy how the arrangement turned out, you can place it in the center of the table of your choice, and then you could add a nice candle to give the room a warm glow and fragrance if it’s a scented candle.

3. Red poinsettia with silver accents: 

Poinsettias have long been categorised under a holiday staple flower due to their rich red color. They are also available in various other colors that are festive, such as speckled, coral, pinks and whites.

To use this flower, cut a stem from the plant and sear the end of the plant with a flame to prevent it from oozing milky white sap. Remove the foliage that would be below the water line and arrange the flowers as you would do usually.

You can add a festive feel to the poinsettias, whether it be in a pot or a vase, using twigs that have been painted silver or ornaments that serve the purpose of accenting through out the arrangement. You can put the piece in a silver or white vase to complete the look.


4. Candy canes and hydrangeas:

For a whimsical and fun Holliday piece, just add candy canes. They pair really well with other white flowers, like, for example, the white hydrangea.

To DIY this in your house, you can start by arranging white hydrangeas in a clear vase. Add other white flowers of your choice, and then you can add several candy canes to the arrangement to serve as accents. For an extra festive feel, you can add a ribbon of your choice or red ornaments of your liking. Something you can also do with the candy canes is line the sides of the vase with your candy canes. You can take two matching vases, one slightly bigger than the other. Run water in the smaller vase, and place it inside the larger vase you’ve taken. Place your candy canes in line with the sides of the vase in the space between the two vases of your choice. This way, these candy canes won’t get wet, and once you’re done with the arrangement, the candy canes can still be eaten.


5. Woodland-Themed Arrangement for a Holiday:

This piece uses neutral-toned flowers, berries, branches, and greenery to create a natural feel to your arrangement.

You can find the material at home by finding and gathering foliage from inside and around your home. Find berries, wildflowers, branches, and other natural elements of your choice, and arrange them in a rustic-looking vase or pot. You can also use previous decorations you have at home to add flair.

6. Play around with colors for accents:

You can use non-traditional colours of your choice as accents to take a break from your usual green, white, or red colors. There are tones that are cheerful and bold, like, for instance, blues, purples, and oranges.

The best option to incorporate your color of choice is to create a monchromatic flower arrangement and add holiday staples such as greenery, holly branches, or tree ornaments from last year’s Christmas celebration. You can also complement the bold colors you’ve chosen with natural elements such as pinecones.

7. Add dried flowers to the mix of flowers:

Use an arrangement of dried flowers as a part of your flower arrangement for your holidays, and this will add a unique feel and texture to your arrangement. You can incorporate these dried flowers with fresh elements from nature, such as pine, lavender, roses, or holly, in a neutral-coloured and tall vase.

Since dried flowers are the preserved type, you can repurpose the flowers in different and new arrangements once every few weeks.

8. Tips for Timeless Flower Arrangements for the Holidays:

There are a few tried-and-tested methods to make any floral arrangement bright and merry.

Add in Organic Materials.

Incorporate organic materials into your floral piece to add good fragrance, rustic charm and a layer of depth to your arrangement.

Consider using:
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Pinecones
  • Cranberries
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Other organic materials are available during the holidays.
9. To accentuate flowers, use herbs and plants:

Broadleaf plants, conifers, and herbs can be used as fillers in a floral arrangement, clashing with your other bold flowers, such as roses or poinsettias.

Incorporating sprigs of herbs that are complementary in nature can add a crisp, clean, and natural fragrance.

Consider using:
  • Rosemary
  • Pine
  • Eucalyptus
  • Sage
  • Holly
  • Cedar
  • Or other greenery.
Use Other Holiday Decor Available
You can also Consider using:
  • Garlan
  • Spare Ornaments.
  • Pixie Lights
  • Candy Canes
  • Ribbons.
10. Unsure about arranging your own festive flowers? Ask a professional: 

If you love decorating your home with fresh flowers and greenery for the holidays but aren’t confident in your ability to do it yourself, consider hiring a team of professionals to get the job done. Experienced florists know the best styles, arrangements, and combinations and can tailor each piece to complement the unique needs of your space. One of the experienced florists in the city of Hyderabad is Gulmahal.

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