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Floral Arrangements: Tips for Gorgeous Wedding Arrangements

July 2, 2024
1. Define Your Wedding Color and theme:

Make sure to pick flowers that match the colors and theme you chose for your wedding. For whimsical garden weddings, go with wildflowers, sunflowers or both. For a wedding in a ballroom, pick lilies and roses that are available in soft pastel colors. When you match flowers to the theme of the wedding, it creates a look that’s cohesive for the wedding.

Tips to Choose Complementary Flowers:
Color Coordination

Select florals that match the color palette that you’ve chosen. Play around with the shades and tones of colors you’ve chosen for a more refined look.

Shape and Texture of the Florals

Strike a balance between delicate flowers with a fuller texture for a visually appealing arrangement. You can also incorporate greenery for a natural feel.

Inspiration from the Theme

Take inspiration from the chosen theme. For a wedding that you want be rustic in nature, you can choose mason jars and wildflowers as part of your floral arrangement. For a beach wedding, you can use airy baby’s breath and succulents.

2. Consider your budget and the availability of the flowers:

Mother Nature has her own plans and availability in terms of the seasons, and it plays a huge role in the selection of flowers.

When selecting your florals, it is important to consider how the season can affect the price and availability of the florals. Flowers during their specific peak season are more available than they would be off-season. It also means the florals are now more reasonable in terms of price. This makes it easier for you, as the florists find it easier to source the florals and get said flowers transported to them. It also reduced storage costs.

And on the other side, when choosing flowers that are not in season, they may need to be imported to the business from other cities or grown in special conditions.

The added benefits of choosing florals that are in season ensure affordability, freshness, and a wider variety of flowers.

Tips that are budget-friendly:
Look at alternatives:

There are pretty flowers that are also budget-friendly compared to the other popular flowers. Look at options like carnations. Alstroemeria and daisies.

Get Your Priorities Straight:

Make a choice of which florals are important and allocate your budget according to different aspects of your wedding accordingly.

3. Understand the Symbolism Behind the Flowers:

Flowers just do more to be visually appealing for a wedding ceremony. They are symbolic, and this symbolism adds depth to your ceremony.

4. Make sure you choose the right shape for your wedding bouquet;

Your bouquet is a statement piece that reflects your style and complements your wedding gown. Here are some popular styles to consider:

Your bouquet is a statement piece that will reflect your style and complement your wedding attire for the day. There are some styles to look at:

Cascading: ‍

A flowing, dramatic bouquet of flowers that trails beautifully to the ground. It makes it perfect for elegant, formal ceremonies.


It is a symmetrical, classical bouquet of florals that goes well with most of the available wedding styles.


It is a more natural bouquet of florals, which makes it ideal for bohemian or rustic types of weddings and for those weddings that want a bouquet that falls on the non-traditional side.


A simple floral bouquet that looks amazing for minimalist weddings and for those brides who want a soft accent to go along with their dress for the wedding.

Always make sure to work with your florist of choice to choose a style of bouquet that lines up with what feels right to you personally. You can also add natural elements like succulents and berries to make your floral bouquet pop.

Wedding flower bouquets

5. Look for Different Florals:

There are different varieties of flowers that you can choose from. There are a few options:


Roses are classic, and they also come in a wide variety of colors. Roses can go well with any style of wedding. There are also garden roses that add a more natural look to the wedding, and your usual roses can add a formal feel to your weddings.


Delphiniums have tall spikes and a pretty blue shade; they add depth and height to any floral arrangement. These florals match nicely with other florals of the summer, and it can create a pretty background for your wedding.


Ranunculus have paper-thin petals and comes with a wide variety of colors. Ranunculus are a favorite for people who want to have whimsical and romantic weddings. They also have a longer shelf life. These florals also match well with other blooms of the spring, like sweet peas and anemones.

Calla Lilies

Two traits of Calla Lilies are sophistication and sleekness. Calla Lilies are a good choice for minimalistic or modern weddings. A single floral stem can make a huge impact, or they can also be grouped together for a striking feel to the arrangement.

6. Make Sure to Work With Expert Florists:

When selecting a florist, check their reviews and browse through their portfolio to get an idea of their style and their expertise. You can schedule a consultation to discuss the vision you have for wedding, your budget, and any other specific requests you may have. A good florist will listen to your ideas and offer suggestions; they will bring your vision to life, and they will also handle all the tiny details like the sourcing of the flowers, prepping the flowers, and setting up the arrangements according to what you have visualized.

Be sure to clearly communicate to your florist what you want and also provide a lot of visual inspirations, from Pinterest boards, photos from previous weddings taken online, and fabric swatches. The more information you provide them, the easier it will be for your florists to execute your ideas.

One of the expert florist in city of Hyderabad is Gulmahal. They have flowers of all types for all needs.

7. Look for Floral Decor Separate from Bouquets:

Flower Garlands

A few ideas for floral decor apart from floral bouquets:


Your tables at the wedding are a perfect place for creativity in terms of florals. Choose floral centerpieces that match your color scheme and theme. Add in candles, lanterns and a variety of other decor for a visually appealing arrangement.

Aisle Decor

Frame your walk down the aisle with florals. You can add flowers such as petals or small floral arrangements to the chairs, or you can also create a floral arch for background for when you say your vows.

Boutonnieres and Corsages

Boutonnieres are a timeless way to add a floral touch to the attire to the groom and the groomsman. You can also honor the special guests of the wedding, like the respective mothers and grandmothers, with corsages of choice. Brides can also wear corsages

Floral Installations

For an amazing look, purchase bigger floral installations, like floral arches for example. These pieces are the background for show-stopping photos.


They are very popular among traditional indian weddings. Indian marriages are incomplete without them. They are used even in something as simple as court marriages. They come in all sizes and shapes, across various flowers.

8. Factor In Allergies and Fragrances:

The visuals of your florals are important but keep in mind other senses, like smell. A few flowers like stock, lilies, and garden roses, are known for their fragrance, while others, like calla lilies and hydrangeas, have no scent.

Consider how you want your ceremony to smell, and pick the flowers in accordance to what you want. You can also incorporate herbs that are fragrant in nature, like rosemary and dried lavender for a natural and fresh aroma.

On the other side, be mindful of any allergies amongst your wedding guests. If your guests have allergies, opt for flowers with a lower count of pollen, like roses, lilies and orchids. You can also arrange flowers to be confined to certain spaces, like reception tables or ceremony spaces, to minimize the exposure of said flowers

9. Finalize And Confirm the Crucial Details:

As your wedding day approaches, it is crucial to ensure that all details are solidified, especially when it comes to your florals. Take time to go through every inch of your floral plan with a fine-tooth comb over the florals, the color, and that the arrangement meets your expectations.

Make sure all the logistics are confirmed. Give them the contact numbers of a list of important people, such as your venue coordinator and wedding planner, in case there are any issues.

There may be unexpected changes. For these situations, create a backup plan for any last-minute problems. Having a backup plan allows for a reduction of stress.

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