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Blooms for Every Moment: A Guide to Choosing Perfect Flowers for Special Occasions

June 27, 2024

Floriography, also called the language of flowers, reached the peak of popularity during the Victorian period. During this age, people communicated their thoughts, emotions and feelings in the form of florals. Each flower stood for something – a secret symbol, the flower conveys a message that is coded from the person who sent it to the intended recipient.

1. Peonies for Birthdays 

The peony is a representative for prosperity, which makes it a good pick to wish a person happy birthday. These flowers are available at a variety of shades, from blush to the bold shades, and each of these flowers has its individual meaning. Choose a pink peony to bring joy to someone for a day that is special to them for example.

Extra flowers that you can get for someone’s birthday are flowers according to the receiving person’s birth month for a more personalised effect.

2. Hydrangeas to show Gratitude

If you are looking for a way to show gratitude in the form of florals, you can purchase hydrangeas. These florals come in a variety of colors from a pure white shade to a deep purple color. All of these shades represent gratitude. This flower is appropriate for holidays such as Teacher’s day, Nurses Day, and a holiday called Employee Appreciation Day. These flowers send a message of gratitude to the recipients to repay for an act of kindness or favour bestowed.

Additional flowers that you can give are begonias and camellias as they represent thankfulness as well.

3. Dahlias to Encourage

The flowers can mean a ‘get well soon’ or a ‘good luck’ or even a ‘you’ll get through this.’ You can do this to show that you are sending support in the form of dahlias or that you’re thinking of them. These flowers signify dignity, devotion, change and inner strength. All these qualities are all valuable.

Extra flowers that you have as options to give someone such as echinacea, lavender or chamomile to express emotions of restoration, relaxation, strength, and comfort. The flowers goldenrod and coneflowers are also representative of encouragement.

4. Forget-Me-Nots show Sympathy

You can express condolences in a way that is meaningful with a bouquet of forget-me-nots. The name forget-me-nots means that these florals are a symbol for remembrance and to hi or a life that has been lost. You can gift a bouquet on a memorial service or on the anniversary of a passing away to let the grieving to know that you sharing their grief.

Bonus flowers that you can purchase and gift a bouquet of poppies which also represents remembrance, to the point where a red poppy is now a symbol to memorialise veterans.

5. Daffodils Represents New Beginnings

Daffodils bloom at the start of spring. Daffodils align with the concept of new beginnings. On occasions like a graduation, a bridal shower, a new job, a housewarming, or a birth to a baby etc. Make sure to congratulate them on the start of their new chapter with a bouquet of daffodils.

Extra flowers that you can gift someone are the flower called gladiolus. This flower is also named after gladiators and they represent victory, strength and integrity.

6. Roses for Holidays

Roses are representative of love of all types, which makes them a good choice for a celebration of any kind. Holidays from Mother’s Day to Valentine’s Day to Christmas to Thanksgiving. For extra significance you can purchase flowers based on a specific meaning such as orange for happiness, white for loyalty, and pink for appreciating someone, yellow for friendship, red for the concept of romance. Roses are the best flowers for all year round occasions.

Extra flowers that you can purchase to gift are flowers called glories. This flower signifies affection. Also you could pick a seasonal flower to nod to a specific holiday.

7. Sweet Peas flowers for Weddings.

In France, it’s custom to send sweet peas to a bride for her wedding day. This is because these specific flowers send a message for best wishes for a happy and long marriage.

Again additional flowers that can be purchased is a peony which symbolises post wedding bliss that also signifies a long lasting love.

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